Advisory for Renewable Energy and Bitcoin Mining Infrastructure

Bitcoin mining allows for the direct monetisation of otherwise wasted excess energy. It is the most economical, adaptable, and reliable solution to earn stable revenue from intermittent generation, allowing operators to instantly adjust consumption in response to market signals.

In the rapidly evolving energy transition, we empower asset owners to harness the potential of integrating flexible loads, like bitcoin mining, with utility-scale renewable energy sources. Our expertise lies at the intersection of energy generation and high-performance computing, offering a unique suite of services tailored for the feasibility study stage, focusing on electrical and financial modelling for both existing and future projects.

Financial Modelling and Consultation Services

Detailed financial modelling,planning, budgeting, and forecasting to help operators understand the profitability, costs, risks, and revenues associated with integrating mining infrastructure with existing renewable energy assets.

Electrical and Infrastructure Advisory

Provide consultation on designing, implementing, and optimising electrical systems to efficiently utilise excess renewable energy at various capacities.

Strategy and Feasibility for Future Developments

Support developers in the project planning phase to maximise the capacity factor of future variable renewable energy developments by integrating flexible-loads with their energy-producing assets, guided by comprehensive market research and tailored strategy development.

Customised Solutions

At our core, we understand that each project is unique. We work closely with asset owners to understand their unique objectives and technical requirements, providing tailored support to achieve the successful integration of renewable energy production and Bitcoin mining operations

Our innovative solutions have established us as the go-to partner for Australian asset owners seeking to optimise capacity factors and mitigate curtailment risks.

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